Product features & Highlights

100% Virgin Raw Material:

Manufactured from 100% virgin High Density Poly ethylene, RIVO promises long lasting Performance.

Strong Durable:

Unique and innovative design of the ribs Appropriate weight as per tanks capacity Makes RIVO tanks strong and sturdy as compared to the regular tanks Available in the market. This gives an edge to the RIVO and Make it strong against bulging When filled with water. RIVO has very good impact strength & unbreakable factor.

Test Certifications:

Our product are tested for various 18 envionmental parameters and certified by central institute of plastics engineering (authorized GOI Laboratory for Plastic Products testing and certification)

UV Stability:

UV stabilization prevents degradation of material
Due to effect of ultraviolet rays emitted from sunlight and ensure that there Is no cracking and loss of physical properties?

Safe Hygienic Drinking Water:

Use of certified food grade material Inner layers Ensures its safety for potable water as water doesn't get Affected due to its long term contact with plastics.

Screw type Covers:

Specially designed screw type covers protects from Tanks from pilferage and external dust or insects and also direct sunlight to Avoid generation of fungi and Bactria.

100% assured Tank Capacity:

RIVO assures 100% tank storage capacity Storage capacity of RIVO tanks is equal to the specified Storage capacity of the respective tank

Highest Strength

Innovative design with Extra ribs has been incorporated to add strength to the tank. It reduces bulging when the tank is full, and also reduces chances of bursting under pressure.

More Hygienic

Certified Food grade plastic ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank.

 Rivo Product specification (Vertical blow molded tank)

Capacity      Width   Height     lid cover    Weight Thickness
500                  33" 41" 18" xx xx
750                  37" 47" 18" xx xx
1000  41" 52" 18" xx xx
1500 46" 59" 18" xx xx
2000 51" 65" 18" xx xx
compare our competitors  brands tank weight  then  decide…….

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